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Echoes was initially commissioned for Baroque Flute player and has been adapted to Eastern Strings.

Duet Nor.3 takes as its starting point a heavily syncopated riff in the phrygian mode. After the riff is developed there are contrasting sections which are both harmonically richer and more contemplative in nature. The improvisations then come back to the phrygian mode.

After You Are Gone was composed to remember a friend who has passed away. It was also recorded on Daphna’s album Reconciliation , released by Tzadik label.

The Voyager’s Song is an ancient mournful Sephardic tune performed here in the dark key of D minor featuring the oud in both it’s lower and higher register.


Duet Nr.4 was written to feature the bass as the melody instrument in its cello like register against impressionistic harmonics and plucked lute like chords played on the oud. 


Two Sisters is inspired by Irish Music. The lively tune bounces back and forth from our to double bass and back.


Peace Piece was first written by Knud for “Longing Belonging and Balfour”. There it functioned like the end credits in a film, releasing the tension of painful and unresolved issues raise in the show. Initially played by a 6 piece band here it is much more intimate.

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